These are buttons from the campaigns of Oregon Senator Wayne Morse. These items are from his various campaigns (1944-1974) and memorials, tributes, dinners, and other functions held after his death in 1974.


1. Blue cello. Stamped on reverse with committee info. 2. Yellow & Blue litho stamped on reverse with date.










(From Left to Right)

1. 2.25" Cello, McGovern Coattail. 2. 2.25" Cello, McGovern Coattail featuring Charles Porter (candidate for Congress). 3. Red/White Bristow Morse Coattail. 4. Blue/White Bristow Morse Coattail.

5. Red WAYNE litho pin 6. Red Morse Litho pin #1 4. Red Morse Litho pin #2 (union bug is different from #6) 8. Morse Tab


9. Oregon McGovern Morse Delegate pin from 1972 Democratic National Convention


 1. Small green MORSE cello. 2. Dark Green Morse litho 3. Light Green Morse litho 4. Green MORSE litho



Items from 1960 are from the Morse Presidential Campaign


1. small blue Morse of Course litho pin. Handed out in Maryland, DC, and Oregon primaries. 2. White and black version 3. Large MORSE pin

4. 3" White Morse of Course cello pin. Emress Specialty pin. 5. 3" Gold & Red MORSE Emress Specialty pin 



1. small blue/white Morse 2. small blue/white 'Oregon Needs Morse' 3. white/green Morse with Oregon Map 4. lighter green/black Morse with Oregon Map

6. dark green and black Oregon map

7. 3" Bucks for Morse pin

Known pins: 331, 592,610,987



Unknown Year

1. Small black/green Morse with Oregon map. This pin is very similar to a 1960 Yellow/Blue Stevenson pin and could have been made at the same time or made for 1962. The font is similar to the large blue/white MORSE pin from 1960. 2. 3.5" Morse a Great Senator pin. The only known pin with his photo from the campaigns. Some have ID'd this pin as 1968 others have said 1972.

 3. Morse for Senate. Believed to be an early Morse for Senate item (1956 or 1950). 4. ACT Morse. Some local collectors believe this to not be a MORSE pin or maybe not MORSE campaign pin (possibly issue/legislation related).

Memorial & Tribute



1. Morse pin found in Benton County, Oregon. Owned by a former Benton Co. Democratic Chairperson. 2. Issued by the Wayne Morse Center to promote programs at the UofO. A smaller version of a 1972 Red Morse pin.


 Wayne Morse Dinner Pins

1. 3" Morse Dinner pin made by Good Cause Buttons 2. 3"2011 DPO Morse Dinner pin made by Yellowtractor Pins 3. 3" 2012 Dinner pin made by Yellowtractor Pins 4. 3" 2013 Morse Dinner pin 

5. 2014 Morse Dinner pin 6. 2015 Morse dinner pin 7. 2016 Morse Dinner pin


Anti Morse